In addition to being an Audio Engineer, Maya is also a Songwriter, Producer, and Multi-Instrumentalist.  Growing up she studied jazz and pop piano, classic rock guitar, and was inspired to learn sound engineering due to a love of hip hop.  Her world greatly expanded when she discovered the music of Brazil, where she studied guitar and percussion for two years.  Her unique, bilingual songs reflect these influences by marrying infectious Latin grooves with memorable melodies and clever lyrics.  In addition to writing and performing, Maya produced the debut Gringa EP.  She has played guitar, cavaco, keys/synth, vocals and percussion with several bands in the Bay Area, including SambAsia, Micropixie, BrazilVox, Jacopo, TropiCali, Sang Matiz, and her own project, Gringa.

Performing with Gringa, San Francisco, 2015


"O Tempo É Rei"

by Maya Finlay

"I'ma Build A Home"

by Maya Finlay

"For Foreigners"

by Maya Finlay, Andi Finlay, and Jenny Ballen-Roberts