Studio Sound

Maya started her audio career in the studio, and continues to do music tracking, editing, mixing, and producing.  She has worked with Grammy-nominated artists Joan Jeanrenaud and PC Muñoz.  As an audio engineer at Keller Studios in Sausalito (owned by award-winning VO talent and composer, Mark Keller) and Sound Arts Studio in San Francisco from 2007-2011, Maya worked on VO sessions for The Muppets and National Geographic, as well as for numerous ads, video games and film trailers.   Maya has recorded local artists Gisela Tangui, La Gente, and produced  music by Sang Matiz as well as her own band, Gringa.  In 2017, Gringa released their first EP, "Letters From A. Broad", which included recording, mixing, producing, playing, and songwriting by Maya Finlay.  She conducts most of her studio work at Women’s Audio Mission and in her home studio, the My-Fy Hive. 

At Women's Audio Mission, San Francisco, 2013


"Canção de Junho", Gringa, 2017

Recording, Editing and Mix Engineer, Producer, Guitars/Synth

 "When I'm 64"  Beatles Cover, Gringa, 2016

Recording and Mix Engineer, Producer, All Instruments

 "Yemaya", Gisela TAngui, 2014

Recording Engineer